Educational (Electronic) Student Kit
It is an electronic prototyping kit intended to teach electronics through simple but applicable projects
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This project is to develop a personal lab for student with an electronic toolkit. The toolkit will teach students the fundamentals in electronics through hands-on practicalto building a little robotic at the end of going through and using the toolkit. The stages of learning and practical is from basic to advance. Students will be provided with manuals and Creativity Group will host video tutorials on the usage of the toolkits and electronics on its website. This is to inoculate the Do-it-yourself spirit in the students through hands-on practical and encouraging students to apply their knowledge obtained from the classroom to solve societal problems


    1. ESK is intended to bridge the gap between theory and practical through solving of localized problems
    2. ESK will expose students and hobbyists to a wide range of projects

    3. How does it work?

        1. ESK will teach electronics by providing its users with pre assembled circuit boards (modules) which can easily be plugged into a bread board.
        2. The breadboard prototype can easily be transferred to life application.

        3. What will it contain?

            1. Power supply units.
            2. Library of Sensors.
            3. Processors.
            4. Actuators.

            5. How Different Is It From Other Kits?

                1. ESK is not confined to the breadboard; Modules can be connected using connector wires, thus, allowing easy real life set-up.
                2. ESK is also compatible with the Arduino (cost effective microcontroller). This will allow users to extend their capacity without incurring additional cost.