Doctor Quad
A new way of delivering health care services in remote areas
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Every year nearly 11 million young children die before their fifth birthday –mainly from preventable illnesses. The risk for women of dying in childbirth in developing countries is one in 48.Infant mortality rate and under 5 mortality rate is increasing (64/1000, 111/1000).

The Strategic Objectives

    1. Community based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) Zones - Improving geographical access to primary services and emergency services by placing Health Points with a Community Health Officer in remote rural areas
    2. Improving financial access for the financially vulnerable
    3. Improving socio-cultural access for priority groups (children, women, elderly, people with chronic diseases and the disabled).

    4. EPI programme in Ghana

        1. poliomyelitis
        2. measles
        3. diphtheria
        4. pertussis (whooping cough)
        5. neonatal tetanus
        6. tuberculosis
        7. hepatitis B
        8. heamophilus influenza type b
        9. yellow fever

        Specifics about Dr. Quad

            4000mAh battery
          1. Flight speed of 11.3m/s
          2. Total flight speed = 7.5 mins
          3. Distance coverage = 5km-6km

            5800mAh battery
          1. Flight speed of 11.8m/s
          2. Total flight speed = 31mins
          3. Distance coverage = 22km