Space Baloon
Mission to the shores of space
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This project is to develop a personal lab for student with an electronic toolkit. The toolkit will teach students the fundamentals in electronics through hands-on practicalto building a little robotic at the end of going through and using the toolkit. The stages of learning and practical is from basic to advance. Students will be provided with manuals and Creativity Group will host video tutorials on the usage of the toolkits and electronics on its website.

Our Inspiration for this Project

    1. It’s easy.
    2. It’s a stepping stone.
    3. To get Ghanaians interested again.

    4. Things Needed

        1. Balloon
        2. Helium - Hydrogen is a cheaper alternative.But it’s dangerous to work with.
        3. Parachute - Streamers work too
        4. Payload Box - Styrofoam Box : Make it or Buy one
        5. GPS Tracker - Most smartphones can do this
        6. Camera - With Intervalometer
        7. Rope/Line - A strong but light rope