Water Level Controller
Controlling the amount of water
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The Water Level Indicator and Controller is meant to address the problem of overflowing water storage tanks and in general to help control and regulate the amount of water in a water storage tank. This will help in constantly assuring the availability of water supply and reducing of both water and electricity bills for a household, hostels, offices etc.

Problem Statement

    1. Excessive water bills are incurred by a lot of commercial buildings and residential buildings due to overflow of water being pumped into water storage tanks..
    2. Water overflow of storage tanks ismainly due to the inability of users to control and monitor the amount of water being pumped into the tanks at any time..
    3. Apart from cost, the essentiality of water is too crucial for it to be continuously wasted through overflow..
    4. Also, if the water storage happens to be on top of building, as it is mostly, continuous water overflow unto the top of the building can lead to structure failure of the building..

    5. Proposed solution

        1. To design a simple, low cost water level controller with level/amount indicators as most current water level controllers lack an interface to continuously display the amount of water in the storage tank.