The D-Lab Project
It is an electronic prototyping kit intended to teach electronics through simple but applicable projects
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Science is cool. It is fun, it is real, it solves many of our problems today. We think that more teenagers should be able to appreciate the beauty and relevance of science. We propose to set up low-cost science labs in secondary schools in Ghana. These labs will include:

    1. Raspberry Pi: a credit-card sized single-board computer, basically a $25 PC . Students should get their hands dirty with some programming at a younger age!
    2. Foldscopes: $5 microscopes that provide 2,000X magnification. Let’s have the kids see with their own eyes that microorganisms exist!
    3. Improvised lab equipment: beakers are a must in a lab- but why not cut plastic water bottles into two and use the base as a beaker? Isn’t tissue paper a much cheaper version of filter paper? When we need carbon paper to prevent light from entering, can't we just use aluminium foil from cigarette packets?

    4. We propose working at Dega Senior Secondary School in New Longoro, Ghana, to set up a low cost lab and train teachers to incorporate hands-on activities in their science classes. In the long-term, we are hoping this project will help create a model for secondary school science education in Ghana and beyond.


        1. About 70 students at Dega Secondary School in New Longoro will be more enthusiastic about science and learning in general.